South America Map - Physical Framed Push Pin Map

South America Map - Physical Framed Push Pin Travel Map

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Item # - PL85279

This framed push pin map is produced using high-precision framing techniques for a high-quality finished product with an option of an archival quality paper print map or premium canvas print map professionally adhered to a foam core board. Great way to keep track of your travels and display in your home, office, conference room or classroom. Beautifully display your past travel adventures and future plans. This foamcore backed pushpin map is mounted into one of our designer frames of your choice by one of our expert framers. This framed pinboard map comes with hardware, ready to hang on your wall. Also includes 100 pins in different colors. Pin colors can be organized and personalized as you wish for past and future travels, or track different family member travels for example.

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Please note: The sizes shown above are for the interior dimensions of the canvas without the frame. The frame widths vary by frame and should be added to all four sides to calculate the exterior dimensions.

Credit Line: Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.

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